Financial Problems Ahead: 5 Warning Signs that will not Show up on your Credit Report

June 27, 2013 Posted by kingcade

It is important to keep your credit score high. A good credit score can earn you low mortgage and refinancing rates, more negotiating power and increased credit limits. But even financial behaviors that do not directly affect your credit score can be a red flag that you are headed towards serious financial problems.

Here are five red flags that will not show up on your credit report:

1.)Taking out payday loans. Resist the urge to take out a payday loan. This can be toxic to your finances and a red flag that you are off track financially. You should resist the temptation no matter how tough your situation seems because the high interest rates and payment terms typically put people even further in debt.

2.) Fighting with your spouse about money. People often ignore this sign because they think it is a sign of marital issues, not financial issues. But arguing about money typically means that you are not on the same page with your spouse on financial issues. The deeper you get into financial trouble, the more people find themselves fighting with their spouse about how to spend money and how to get out of debt.

3.) Paying household bills with your home equity loan or line of credit. While paying your household bills with home equity money will not show up on your credit report, it is typically a sign that you are running out of options to pay your bills. ‘Revolving debt is unsecured, so it is very risky to borrow against a secured loan, such as your mortgage.’

4.) Bouncing Checks. If you are routinely overdrawing your bank account or bouncing checks, then you are most likely either not able to manage your finances or are in serious debt. While bouncing checks does not directly show up on your credit report, overdrawn accounts can result in a negative check writing history report.

5.) Tapping into your retirement fund. In addition to the early withdrawal penalties, you are costing yourself the compound interest you would have earned by leaving the money in the account.

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