A Roadmap out of Bankruptcy

August 29, 2013 Posted by kingcade

People who file for bankruptcy can sometimes feel ashamed, hopeless and overwhelmed. But it may be a comfort to know that you are not alone. According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, the number of July bankruptcy filings came to 87,684.

Below are eight tips on how to recover after filing for bankruptcy:

1.) Address what caused the bankruptcy. This will help you avoid ending up in the same predicament five years later. Set a new budget and look for different employment opportunities.

2.) Identify your goals. These can include paying off old debts or rebuilding your credit score. Whatever these may be, it’s important to write down these goals and work towards them.

3.) Check your credit score. Inaccurate information on credit reports is becoming more common and can affect everything from qualifying for the best mortgage rates to getting hired for that dream job you recently applied for. Simply removing incorrect information from your credit report can oftentimes improve your score.

4.) Gradually re-establish credit. Taking out two credit cards and paying them off monthly can help rebuild your credit score. After seven to 10 years of doing this, your score could look as good as new!

5.) Find a new credit card issuer. While lenders are sometimes hesitant to give credit to people that have recently filed for bankruptcy, there are some that are willing. The terms may not be ideal at first, but these new accounts will help rebuild your credit over time.

6.) Avoid unfair deals. Predatory lenders oftentimes target the most vulnerable groups, including recent bankruptcy filers. You should be weary of payday loans and rent-to-own deals that carry high interest rates.

7.) Seek support. Surround yourself with positive people following your bankruptcy. Online communities of people going through the same thing can offer much needed support.

8.) Think positively. Most people’s credit improves after filing for bankruptcy. Many of the clients I help, their only regret is that they didn’t file sooner. While bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for up to 10 years, many creditors are more than willing to lend you credit after you have filed for bankruptcy.

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