Novice Florida Lawyers Draw Suspicion in Foreclosure Crisis- Know the Importance of Hiring an Experienced Attorney when Facing Foreclosure

December 30, 2010 Posted by kingcade

Today, more than 260 attorneys work at four of Florida’s largest foreclosure firms, and 48 percent of them have been practicing law for less than three years, according to Florida Bar records. With the recent allegations pertaining to forged foreclosure documents, fraudulent notarizations and questionable affidavits submitted in tens of thousands of foreclosure cases, these novice lawyers are now under a cloud of suspicion. Some may face Florida Bar investigations that could end their careers, while homeowner advocates wonder whether the foreclosure crisis would have reached its state of disorder if it weren’t for legions of novice lawyers doing the legwork.

As Florida’s overwhelmed court system sorts through the foreclosure chaos, many of the attorneys who worked for the now deposed Stern law firm and others like it have been hired at other large companies doing foreclosure work in the state. In sworn statements taken by the state attorney general’s office, two former Stern employees — a paralegal and a legal assistant — attest to wrongdoing at the firm that included hiding problem files from federal auditors, forging signatures and making up documents as staff struggled to keep up with a mounting volume of foreclosures. Lack of experience could have led young lawyers to follow their employer’s lead, unaware they may be committing an offense.

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