Filing for Bankruptcy Could Save your Home

March 15, 2011 Posted by kingcade

By the time a foreclosure notice arrives, many struggling homeowners figure they are out of options. However, there is one step many often overlook: filing for bankruptcy. The impact of filing for bankruptcy- especially on your chances of getting a loan- may not be as dire as many consumers assume. In fact, homeowners facing foreclosure may be able to improve their credit by filing for bankruptcy.

In the eyes of lenders, by filing for bankruptcy, you are making an attempt to pay back what is owed and keeping up with your payments. That help can make a big difference for homeowners struggling to deal with a lending industry which is overwhelmed by the mortgage mess.
Bankruptcy automatically stops the foreclosure process, giving the struggling homeowner and the court time to try and get back on track with your mortgage payments. Even if you fail to save your home, the consequences of a bankruptcy filing may be less severe than foreclosure. In fact, bankruptcy laws were established to provide an orderly process for people in financial trouble to reorganize their debts, start fresh and rebuild their lives.

Many of the individuals that come into my office are not living extravagant lifestyles; instead, they are forced to take drastic steps because of a change in circumstances, whether it’s the loss of a job or a divorce.  A bankruptcy filing will not guarantee that you will be able to keep your home. However, it does stop the foreclosure process and will buy you time while the court reviews your finances and attempts to work out a payment plan with lenders.

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