Former NBA star Antoine Walker Uses His Bankruptcy Expereince to Help Others

July 29, 2015 Posted by kingcade

Former NBA basketball star, Antoine Walker went from earning more than $108 million during his career to filing for bankruptcy, just two years after retirement. The former Miami Heat superstar believed his financial future was ensured; however, he learned otherwise after making a series of poor financial decisions. Now he hopes to help others avoid going down the same path he did.

Walker had gained early success, winning the NCAA basketball championship before he reached his twenties. After being drafted to play for the Boston Celtics 1996, Walker rose to basketball stardom. The three-time All-Star team winner and 2006 top pro player for the Miami Heat suddenly became a wealthy professional athlete, collecting over $108 million during his career.

Like many other young sports stars, Walker equated instant wealth to instant luxury.  Instead of thinking about the future, he bought fancy cars, lavish jewelry and expensive homes. Walker also helped an estimated 30 close friends and family members move to “better situations.”  He referred to it as an “open ATM throughout his career.”

In 2010, Walker filed for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  “I thought I was set for the rest of my life,” he stated in a CNN Money interview. “My story is sad. It’s sad to see other guys work so hard throughout their life — and then they just lose it in two or three years.”

Today, the 38-year-old is working to steer young athletes away from making the same mistakes. Teaming up with former NFL linebacker Bart Scott and Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment, Walker is sharing his life lessons with today’s young players. As Walker and Scott speak to younger athletes about these “real-life parables,” they hope to provide guidance for new generations.

Now out of bankruptcy, Walker is devoted to educating future sports stars to be financially smart. The upcoming documentary “Gone in an Instant,” focuses on his personal boom-to-bust tale. Walker’s best advice to young athletes is to get used to using the word “no” when dealing with friends and family, and focus on building for the future instead of the here and now.

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