5 Things to NEVER do after Filing for Bankruptcy

May 28, 2010 Posted by kingcade

1.) Do not pay your bills automatically from your checking account. Automatic bill pay can overdraft your account if you are not monitoring it carefully and can hurt your efforts of trying to rebuild your credit.

2.) Never use payday loans. The fees and interest rates are high and it is easy to get into trouble using them.

3.) Do not try to erase bankruptcy from your credit report, it is not possible and will only make matters worse.

4.) Do not enlist credit counseling agencies to clean up bad credit, no matter how legitimate they seem. Too often these companies are more likely to take advantage of the situation than help you.

5.) Do not immediately go out for a $150 dinner or buy a $200 pair of jeans. Curb your spending habits to avoid repeating the same mistakes twice.

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