Recent Ruling could have major implications on Florida Foreclosures setting Precedent for Similar Cases

September 18, 2011 Posted by kingcade

A recent ruling in Wellington, FL could have major implications on foreclosure proceedings statewide. The ruling from the 4th District Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the owners of a Wellington home whose bank filed papers sworn by a loan service employee who had no personal knowledge of the case.

This decision reversed an earlier ruling stating the homeowners owed more than $400,000 to LaSalle Bank. The amount was based on an affidavit of indebtedness signed by an employee who obtained the information from a company computer.

The decision hits at the essence of the nation’s foreclosure robo-signing scandal in which tens of thousands of foreclosure court documents were signed by people swearing they had personal knowledge of cases when they did not. From July 2010 to June of this year more then 100,000 foreclosure cases were dismissed in Florida courts often because lenders did not file important paperwork properly.

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