Foreclosure Myths Debunked

December 29, 2017 Posted by kingcade

The thought of losing one’s home is scary, and because the foreclosure process can be complicated there are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding it.  Here are some common myths disproved.

  1. Foreclosure happens fast. Even though the foreclosure process can happen in as few as 6 months in some states, it is taking much longer to process the average foreclosure. Recently, JP Morgan Chase revealed that their average borrower who loses a home to foreclosure has not made any payments in 14 months nationwide; 22 months in Florida and 26 months in New York. The fact that foreclosure is not happening nearly as fast, gives struggling families who are temporarily down on their luck some time to get back on their feet and figure out a financial plan to save their home.
  2. Buyers cannot get clear title or title insurance on foreclosed homes. Buyers of bank-owned properties in nearly every jurisdiction are protected from later title attacks by foreclosed homeowners by the “bona fide purchaser rule,” under which courts would prefer to simply award cash damages to be paid by the culpable bank to a wrongfully foreclosed-on homeowner, rather than reversing the sale or ownership to the new, innocent buyer.
  3. Having a foreclosure on your credit history means it will take five years before you can buy again. One of the most frequently asked questions from homeowners facing foreclosure or who have just lost their home is how long will it take before they will be able to purchase another home. Until recently, it was assumed that it would take 5 years, minimum, before being able to purchase a new home.  However, borrowers can obtain an FHA loan with the low, 3.5 minimum down payment requirement 3 years after foreclosure. Post-foreclosure buyers need a credit score of 620-640 to qualify for an FHA loan.  A foreclosure itself will diminish a consumer’s credit score by 100-150 points. Former homeowners who want to purchase again need to ensure they have no other late payments or credit dings after they lose their home.

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