TaxMasters Inc. is the Latest Tax Representation Firm to File for Bankruptcy

March 22, 2012 Posted by kingcade

It was announced recently that another tax representation firm, Houston-based TaxMasters Inc., will file for bankruptcy. The company spent millions of dollars in TV advertising promising taxpayers’ resolution from their IRS debt, but was rarely able to deliver on its promise. Texas and Minnesota have both accused TaxMasters Inc. of “deceptive tax practices.”

TaxMasters Inc. is just the latest tax representation firm to file for bankruptcy. Months earlier, J.K. Harris filed for bankruptcy after a number of lawsuits were filed against it by multiple states’ attorneys general and taxpayers. Like TaxMasters, J.K. Harris also advertised the ability to relieve consumers of their tax debts to the IRS.

Another similar case was the one involving Roni Deutch, also known as the “Tax Lady,” based out of California. After a California attorney general filed a lawsuit against Deutch in 2010 citing similar allegations, Deutch eventually surrendered her license to practice law and filed for bankruptcy.

Americans struggling with debt owed to the IRS are not encouraged to utilize tax representation firms due to their history of charging outrageous fees and their lack of success. Instead, consumers and businesses with outstanding tax debt are encouraged to contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service sector of the IRS, or a certified lawyer or CPA. There are affordable payment plans available to those who owe $50,000 or more to the IRS and in some extreme cases; it is possible to receive an “offer in compromise,” due to extenuating circumstances.

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