Lenders Are Now Opting for Short Sales

April 26, 2012 Posted by kingcade

Short selling has become a popular trend in Florida, allowing lenders to sell properties for less than the remaining mortgage balance. In January 2012, short sales averaged 23.9 percent, a larger percentage than foreclosure sales nationwide, which averaged about 19.7 percent. In 2010, President Obama backed short sales by offering incentives to banks. The program offered banks a credit of $1,000 to proceed with a short sale. The program also offered another $1,000 credit to cut deals with financially troubled homeowners. In addition, $1,500 was offered to defaulted homeowners as a “relocation credit” if they agreed to a short sale.

A rise in mortgage defaults is causing more lenders in South Florida to choose short sales. The benefits for the lender include limiting legal fees and the carrying costs of owning the home. However, there is a downside; Lenders must absorb the cost of the shortfall. They can also be deterred by the significant amount of documentation required and the related processing costs. In a short sale, lenders lose an average of about 19 percent of the loan amount, compared with an average of 40 percent through a foreclosure, and a lender’s cost to own a foreclosed house often is about 1 percent of the property value, excluding depreciation.

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