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Family’s Home Mistaken for Foreclosed Property across the Street

September 30, 2013 Posted by kingcade

A woman from Ohio claims a bank mistakenly cleared items from her home confusing it for a foreclosed house across the street, then demanded receipts when she asked to be compensated for her missing possessions. Katie Barnett, 36, a nurse, said her family had left for about two weeks last month and returned to find the locks on their home had been changed and many of their belongings had been taken.

Turns out First National Bank in Wellston, had mistaken her home for a bank-owned property across the street. Two dressers and clothing for her five children were taken, as well as items from outside their home, including pool cleaning supplies and patio furniture. The house that should have been repossessed was just two houses down the street.

Barnett’s home is not the first that a bank has mistaken for a foreclosed property. Just two weeks ago, a couple in Fort Worth, TX, discovered their home was confused for a vacant home, then mistakenly demolished. She asked the bank for compensation for the missing items, which she estimated were worth $18,000.

First National Bank apologized and said “two representatives were assigned to clean and refurbish a bank-owned residential property and a GPS locator led them to the wrong home, which was located on the same street as the bank owned property.” The bank argues that the value Barnett assigned to the items is inconsistent with the list and descriptions of the items removed from the home. Barnett said she has an attorney and plans to bring a lawsuit.

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