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Record Highs in Foreclosure Processing Time

December 9, 2011 Posted by kingcade

Foreclosures continue to make headlines. This time it is for the time it takes foreclosed properties to be processed through the legal system. The average loan in foreclosure has now been delinquent a record 631 days, according to a recent report from Florida-based Lender Processing Service.

The effects of “robo-signing” continue to linger in a number of states, requiring cases to go before a judge. The difference in processing time comes down to judicial versus non-judicial states. Non-judicial state foreclosure inventories are less than half those of judicial states, like we have here in Florida.

This discrepancy between judicial and non-judicial states is not new. Prior to the worst of the housing market crisis, loans were 4-5 months more delinquent in judicial states at the time of foreclosure sale. Today, these numbers are closer to 8 months, but are likely to return to the 4-5 month difference depending on the sale of these foreclosed properties.

New foreclosures continue to outnumber foreclosure sales 3:1, with repeat foreclosures making up nearly 45 percent of new foreclosures. On the other hand, loans from 2010 and 2011 are now the best performers on record due to strict credit requirements.

Recovery is predicted to be a slow one. With a record-high inventory of foreclosures combined with the already historically high existing home inventory, these distressed foreclosure properties will sell at a deep discount, which is likely to bring down the prices of surrounding homes.

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