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Seasonality Plays a Part in the Increase in U.S. Foreclosure Starts

September 27, 2016 Posted by kingcade

Total U.S. foreclosure starts numbered 68,800 for the month of August with a 12.23 percent increase from July. While this may seem like a large increase, the 12 percent rise in foreclosure starts in August is actually more a product of just how low starts were in July, which saw the second lowest volume of foreclosure starts in over 10 years, according the Data & Analytics division of Black Knight Financial Services, Inc.

August still remains the fifth lowest month for foreclosure starts in 10 years.  90-day defaults tend to rise in the summer months, showing the effect seasonality has on foreclosure starts.

The report states that inventory of loans in foreclosure has been on the decline for 19 consecutive months and in 51 of the past 52 months with total U.S. loan delinquency rate (loans 30 or more days past due, but not in foreclosure) currently sitting at 4.24 percent. This is a decrease of 6.04 percent from the previous month as well as a 11.41 percent increase from the past year.

Finally, the report states that the number of properties that are 30 or more days past due or in foreclosure sat at 2,678,000. This was a decrease of 158,000 properties in July and 483,000 properties in August of 2015.

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