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Lower your Credit Card Debt with One Simple Strategy

January 28, 2016 Posted by kingcade

U.S. households on average carry a total of $15,355 in credit card debt.  Although there is not a universal approach for lowering your debt, there’s one simple strategy that is often overlooked: Renegotiating your interest rate.

You can renegotiate your interest rate by following these three simple steps:

  1. Find out your interest rate and current interest rates with other companies. You can locate your interest rate in the fine print on your credit card statement. If you cannot find it, call the company. When researching the rates of competitors, make sure you tell them you are planning to move your debt to the company that offers the lowest interest rate.
  1. Call your current company and explain that it is too high and request a lower rate. If they refuse, tell them you will be closing your account and transferring your balance to a company that offers better rates.  Tell them the name of a competitor to prove you are serious. Your credit card company’s goal is to retain you as a customer and many debtors have their interest rates cut in half by simply asking. If the customer service representative does not seem willing to lower your rate, ask for a supervisor.
  1. Consolidate your debt onto one card. Once you find the company willing to offer the lowest interest rate possible, move all of your debt to that card.

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