Black Friday is FINALLY here! But how does this relate to Bankruptcy?

November 29, 2013 Posted by kingcade

Three words, credit card use. Many people choose to put their Black Friday purchases on credit cards. What consumers should know is how these purchases can affect you if you end up needing to file for bankruptcy in the near future.

1.) Luxury goods exceeding $600. If you purchase luxury goods or services exceeding $600 in the 90 days prior to your bankruptcy filing, there is a possibility that these debts will not be dischargeable in your bankruptcy. In fact, credit card companies can object to those specific charges. Luxury items include expensive electronics, such as flat screen TV’s, laptops, tablets, etc. Expensive jewelry, furniture and designer clothes would also fall into this category. Groceries along with other necessities like paying bills and gasoline would be considered dischargeable debts if purchased on credit cards.

2.) Cash Advances exceeding $925. Any cash advances you take within 70 days prior to your bankruptcy filing and totaling more than $925 are presumed to be non-dischargeable. If you take out a large cash advance to pay for your Black Friday expenditures, you better plan on paying it back, or adjusting your bankruptcy filing date.

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