Is converting your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 the right option for you?

May 26, 2011 Posted by kingcade

There are two main forms of bankruptcy. In a Chapter 7, all or most of your consumer debt is eliminated, but some of your assets could be repossessed, including your car. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you set up a three- to five-year repayment plan that is based on your income and ability to pay.

Are you struggling to keep up with your Chapter 13 payments? If you have recently lost your job or become ill, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy may no longer be the right option for you. You have the right to convert a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy at any time if you become eligible. Many of our clients are surprised to discover they never have to go to court or see a judge in order to convert their Chapter 13 filings to Chapter 7.

Contact Kingcade & Garcia, P.A. at 305-285-9100 to arrange a free consultation if you have any questions on this topic or are in need of converting your Chapter 13 bankruptcy to a Chapter 7. It is extremely important that you hire an attorney who is experienced in the field of bankruptcy and focuses exclusively on representing the interests of individuals and families in bankruptcy matters. The day you hire our firm, we will contact your creditors to stop the harassment. You can also find useful consumer information on the Kingcade & Garcia, P.A. website at

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