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Facing Foreclosure? Rent your Home from the Bank

August 31, 2012 Posted by kingcade

CitiMortgage announced a plan to release a pilot program to help underwater homeowners stay in their homes. The ‘mortgage giant’ partnered with Carrington Mortgage Services LLC and together came up with a Home Rental Program where underwater homeowners could essentially rent their home from the bank as an alternative to foreclosure. The bank has already sold a reported $158 million in mortgages to Carrington to start the program. Bank of America released a similar successful program earlier this year.

The trial program will be offered to 500 homeowners from six states that have the most distressed housing markets: Arizona, California, Texas, Florida, Nevada and Georgia. Rent will vary from market to market, based on local rates.

Eligibility for the program requires homeowners:

• Be ineligible for loan modifications, but ability to make monthly payments
• Have a loan in the pilot portfolio serviced by Carrington
• Occupy the property
• Are underwater on mortgage
• Be delinquent for at least 120 days

CitiMortgage’s hope for the program is to not only aid individual families, but also jumpstart the recovery of the housing market by reducing the amount of vacant homes in neighborhoods. CitiMortgage’s CEO Sanjiv Das said that in order for the economy to recover, homes must be occupied. The Home Rental Program will assist in “neighborhood revitalization and stabilization efforts.”

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