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Big Banks Face Foreclosure to HOAs in South Florida

September 19, 2012 Posted by kingcade

Since the housing market crash, South Florida has experienced a string of ‘foreclosure waves.’ This is where foreclosure filings skyrocket, forcing a large number of delinquent homeowners out of their homes. After a foreclosure is final, the bank is granted ownership of the property. Ownership means the bank is legally responsible for the full amount of maintenance fees and partial fees during the foreclosure proceedings.

As a result of the foreclosure waves, a new trend has developed where lenders are opting not to pay their HOA fees. As a result, Homeowners Associations’ have been forced to increase maintenance fees and cut back on security, in some cases. Homeowners who have faithfully paid their bills throughout the recession are now suffering the consequences. Some of the HOA residents in South Florida are paying up to a 25 percent increase in HOA fees due to the banks’ delinquencies.

It appears that oftentimes lenders are remaining intentionally delinquent on their fees until the house is sold. After the house is off the market, lenders use the money from the sale to pay off the accumulated HOA fees. The rate of HOA foreclosure suits against lenders has recently increased and the trend is expected to continue throughout the rest of this year.

Banks and HOAs have been at odds for some time over who is responsible for the maintenance fees. Some banks claim they are not liable for the fees because they are only the ‘trustee’ for the legal owner. Homeowners Associations’ claim the banks are making their own rules.

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