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Charges filed Against ‘American Credit Crunchers,’ a Fraudulent Debt Collection Company that Scammed Millions from Consumers

The Federal Trade Commission recently filed a lawsuit against American Credit Crunchers, a fraudulent debt collection company that reportedly collected more than $5 million in debt that was never owed by consumers. The company used a call center in India, where callers threatened legal action and utilized other intimidation methods to scam people into paying debt they did not actually owe. The company collected personal information from each individual they contacted to make the scheme appear more legitimate. It was reported that during the course of the scam, the company contacted more than 8 million people during an 8-month period of time.
The company zeroed in on those who were struggling financially, and would be more likely to fall for the scam. In many cases, the collectors posed as federal officers from the “Federal Department of Crime and Prevention,” which does not actually exist. Like many cases, JanLaree DeJulius, was conned into believing she was in debt due to a loan her ex-husband had taken out, but already paid off. DeJulius was told federal officers would arrest her at her place of work if she did not pay the amount immediately. The fictitious company has since shut down its operations and taken down their website. Charges have also been filed against a company affiliated with American Credit Crunchers called Ebeeze and the owner of both companies, Varang K. Thaker.
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