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Florida Bill to Speed up Foreclosure Process

A bill to speed up the foreclosure process is on the fast track to becoming a law in the State of Florida. So far, the majority seem to be in support of the bill. However, many Florida attorneys and government officials see several problems if the bill becomes a law. The bill is intended to speed up the foreclosure process for homes that have been abandoned or in cases which the defendant is unable to prove a legitimate reason they should not lose their home in a “show cause” hearing. If the individual is unable to prove his or her case, the bill will allow the lienholder to immediately file a judgment of foreclosure on the home.
Another way the bill would change the foreclosure process is that banks will no longer be able to file a deficiency judgment for more than one year. A deficiency judgment is how much debt is still left after the property is resold. Currently, banks may file a deficiency judgment for up to five years.
Critics of the bill see a problem due to the fact that Florida courts have always ruled that when homeowners are absent from their homes, the homes are not considered “abandoned.” Another criticism with the bill is that homeowners who lost their homes due to fraudulent foreclosure practices are only able to receive monetary compensation and have no chance of repossessing their homes. However, the most substantial problem with the bill, deals with the “show cause” hearing. Attorneys say that it is difficult to prove a defendant’s case because there is typically very little time and that most initial court documents filed are false, but it is impossible to tell they are false.
If the bill is passed, it will go into effect July 1, 2012. The law will apply to any future and current foreclosures that are making their way through the system.
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