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Children are the Most Innocent Victims Affected by the Housing Crisis

A reported 2.3 million children have become victims of foreclosed homes to date. According to Julia B. Isaacs of Brookings Institutions, there are 3 million more children who are at risk of being forced out of their family homes due to foreclosure. Isaacs also reported that of those 2.3 million children, approximately one out of every ten has faced difficulties and negative effects due to the foreclosure of their family home.
In many cases, the problems arise from the relocation that follows the foreclosure. Studies prove that children who are relocated tend to have lower scores on math and reading assessment tests. Children’s relationships with their parents and family members are also negatively affected because of the financial stress. Analysts have also seen a direct correlation between relocation of children and health problems (such as doctor and emergency room visits). Children who are in areas with higher foreclosure rates also tend to have more exposure to high crime rates. Isaacs reported that the rates of affected children are the highest in Nevada, Florida, Arizona, California and Michigan.
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