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4 Tips to A Smooth Home Purchase

Since the housing bubble burst, Americans are wary about purchasing a new home and banks are cautious about lending money, as well. However, there are four things you can do (or not do) to ensure your home purchase goes smoothly.

1. Avoid other major purchases before closing on your home. Banks can pull out of mortgages at any time, even moments before closing. If you buy a new car just before closing, your bank might become concerned and pull out of the mortgage.

2. Try to avoid any big career changes before closing on your home. Your salary and job stability are extremely important to mortgage lenders. The bank may delay the loan until after they are sure your new job is stable, however they may pull out of the mortgage altogether.

3. Prepare your finances for a last minute credit check. Since rules initiated by Fannie Mae went into effect in June, most lenders run a second credit check just before closing. If you mistakenly miss any payments, the bank might pull out of the mortgage. You also want to avoid applying for a new credit card, which could reduce your credit score if you are not approved.

4. Be aware of all of your closing-costs. Many homeowners put every penny into their down payment and do not have enough to pay closing costs. Closing costs can be as much as 3% of the cost of the home. You can lose the home if you do not have enough set aside for closing costs.

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