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Myth vs. Fact: 5 Bankruptcy Myths Revealed

While many people assume that people who file for bankruptcy cannot resist the temptation of using credit cards or are self-proclaimed shopaholics, most people who file for bankruptcy do so for other reasons. Below are some of the myths surrounding consumer bankruptcy filings:

1.) People who file for bankruptcy are financially irresponsible. Those who typically file for bankruptcy fall into three categories: they have either lost their job, are going through a divorce or suffering from a serious illness and have insurmountable medical debt.
2.) Bankruptcy discharges all past debts. Not all debts are discharged from bankruptcy. If you have domestic support obligations (i.e. – alimony or child support), those cannot be removed under any circumstances. If you have to pay restitution because of a crime, this debt cannot be discharged. Finally, as a result of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, student loan debts cannot be discharged unless you can prove undue hardship, such as a permanent disability.
3.) If you spend recklessly before bankruptcy, you will not be liable. Some people assume that just because they are getting ready to file bankruptcy they can go out and run up new debt. Courts have ruled this as fraud and it’s unlikely you will get away with this type of spending prior to filing bankruptcy.
4.) Bankruptcy permanently ruins your credit. People who file for bankruptcy are often surprised at how quickly they start accumulating credit card offers in the mail. In fact, usually in about six to twelve months you will be eligible for a regular credit card.
5.) Bankruptcy is a cure-all. Before filing, applicants are required to go to credit counseling, during which the counselor may explain other options like negotiating a payment plan with creditors. It’s important to take what you learn from this session so you do not make the same mistakes twice.

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