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Benefits of Bankruptcy Receives Praise from Donald Trump

For those uncertain as to whether or not they should file for bankruptcy, Donald Trump appears to have stepped up as a spokesperson on why filing for bankruptcy is a wise move. Although the multi-million dollar real estate investor claims to have never filed for bankruptcy personally, he fully supports how bankruptcy can be a smart and legal move when needed.

Last month on Twitter, Trump stated, “Out of hundreds of deals & transactions, I have used the bankruptcy law a few times to make deals better. Nothing personal, just business.” He also stated that nearly every major dealmaker has used bankruptcy laws as a business tool. According to Trump, buying deals and then immediately placing them into bankruptcy for a better deal is effective and commonly used.

Despite his positive reviews of utilizing bankruptcy for better business deals, Trump is deeply irritated by others thinking that he has personally filed for bankruptcy. In 2013, Trump vehemently denied this in an angry post directed at the journalist, Touré Neblett.

In the past, Trump’s corporations have filed for bankruptcy, if the enterprise was failing or struggling. It seems that if business tycoons can use bankruptcy laws to their advantage, so can the average consumer. While bankruptcy may help in business transactions, there is still a negative stigma attached for some individuals.

Bankruptcy continues to provide a fresh start for struggling consumers buried in debilitating debt. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, those who file for bankruptcy are better off financially than those who do not. Keeping this in mind, some of the common myths of filing for bankruptcy are simply not true.  It is important consumers keep an open mind.  Whether it is business or personal, filing for bankruptcy is indeed a smart and useful tool for people to consider.

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