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Trump’s Treasury Secretary Pick Steven Mnuchin’s Bank Foreclosed on Elderly Woman who owed 27 cents

Reports this week reveal that Donald Trump’s Treasury secretary nominee, Steven Mnuchin’s bank foreclosed on a 90-year-old Florida woman who owed just 27 cents.  The practices of OneWest Bank have come under scrutiny since the President-elect announced the onetime Goldman Sachs banker as his pick on Wednesday.  More than 36,000 foreclosures followed Mnuchin and partners’ purchase of failed bank IndyMac in 2009.

An 86-year-old California man has also come forward and claimed OneWest refused to modify the home equity loan on the longtime home he shared with his wife, even though they qualified three times for a government-backed modification.  The bank sold the couple’s home of 50 years in 2011.

Numerous other outcries similar to these drew more than 100 sign-waving and chanting protestors to Mnuchin’s $26 million mansion in Bel Air.

A Florida woman found herself facing a foreclosure by OneWest in 2014 after confusion about payments on her reverse mortgage, according to court papers.  She sent a check for $423 in response to a bill for $423.30, the documents showed.

The OneWest subsidiary responded by billing the Lakeland resident for $0.30, but she mistakenly sent a check back for only $0.03.  The foreclosure in Polk County Circuit Court is now being challenged by a nonprofit firm.

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