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Bill Filed to Speed Up Foreclosures in Florida

Last Thursday, Rep. Kathleen Passidomo filed a new bill proposing “faster foreclosures.” The bill offers many changes to civil procedures governing foreclosures. Florida has the highest foreclosure rate in the country and also one of the slowest. It currently takes more than 600 days for a foreclosure to run its course in Florida. However, many struggling homeowners rallied in Tallahassee last week to protest the faster foreclosure bill.

Paperwork problems have played a major role in the backlog of foreclosures in Florida for the past several years. The new bill would require lenders to certify they have the correct paperwork to legally foreclose. It also gives condo associations the ability to speed up the banks foreclosure proceedings if they are moving too slow. Condo associations have suffered major consequences from unpaid fees and abandoned homes since the housing market crash.

The bill Passidomo proposed also specifies that if a lender is sued for wrongful foreclosure practices, the lender can only be sued for monetary damages. The point of this is to eliminate any chance that the bank re-sells the home to a third-party, and then the family filing the lawsuit demands their home back in a settlement. A similar bill was proposed last year that passed in the Florida House but died in the Senate.

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