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Surprising New Trend Emerges in America’s Troubled Housing Market: Big Banks agree to cut losses in order to save homes at the risk of Foreclosure

In 30 percent of private loan modifications last year, large banks like Bank of America, have agreed to a principal write-down, cutting the amount homeowners owe on their home as far down to the current market value. This is in an effort to allow borrowers to actually afford payments on their home. With housing prices plunging back down to earth after the housing bubble burst and incomes remaining flat, banks are hoping to now match affordable homes with people who can actually afford them.
Bank of America has been the first big bank to launch a pilot project with Boston Community Capital, a nonprofit that is buying homes at market value and reselling them to current homeowners at a slight markup, so the homeowners can actually afford the payments. Some experts have described this as ‘overdue housekeeping’ for America’s economy. Banks clear their balance sheets, investors get a predictable stream of income, and homeowners get to stay in their homes.
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