5 Ways Millennials can Master the Get-out-of Debt Struggle

February 23, 2017 Posted by kingcade

The millennial generation encompasses those in their final years of college and those who are in their 30’s, possibly in the midst of purchasing their first home, perhaps starting a family.  If you are a millennial that falls along this spectrum, odds are you may be paying off some debt.  Two-thirds of millennials have at least one source of long-term debt; oftentimes student loan debt, which now averages $40,000.

Paying down debt and understanding your finances can help build a financially successful future for you and your family.  If you are struggling with debt, here are some ways to gain control and work towards financial relief.

  1. Acknowledge your debt. The first step to getting out of debt is to take an honest look at what you owe and where your money is going each month. List all of your debts, including student loans, car loans, credit cards, personal loans, medical bills and mortgage loans. Are you able to make all of your payments on time every month?
  2. Understand how much you can afford to pay on your debt each month. Create a budget. Calculate how much you earn and how much you spend per month.
  3. Get organized. Set aside a rainy afternoon to sit down and organize your bills. If it helps, have the recurring ones set up on auto-pay.  This will help you avoid paying late, which can lower your credit score. Make sure all of your bills reach the same email address, not an old student email or a former work address.
  4. Save, save, save. Even if you are paying down debt, do not forget to save for retirement.  Remember, retirement savings are protected if down the road you find yourself having to file for bankruptcy. In addition, saving six to nine months’ worth of living expenses can prevent you from going into debt in the future, should you have a sudden medical emergency, car repair or find yourself out of work for a time.
  5. Do not hesitate to ask for help. If you have debt that you cannot afford to repay, consider getting help from an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Many offer free consultations and can help you determine the right path for you and your family’s financial future.

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