Lawmakers Approve Extending Foreclosure Mediation Law

July 6, 2018 Posted by kingcade

Rhode Island lawmakers recently approved a bill that will extend an expiring foreclosure mediation law. The bill was approved last weekend as the General Assembly ended its session and is making its way to the governor for signature.

This law has been in place since 2013 and requires Rhode Island Mortgage lenders to participate in mediation with homeowners whose mortgages are in default and are facing foreclosure. The hope of this law was to prevent the resulting onslaught of foreclosures.  The law is set to expire on July 1, 2018. This new extension moves the law’s sunset provision to July 1, 2013.

The Rhode Island Attorney General, Peter Kilmartin, has declared this extension “good public policy,” in that it was meant to save homeowners from losing their homes. Since the law was put into place in 2013, it is estimated that approximately 1,000 homeowners have sought foreclosure mediation.

The mediation program is administered through RIHousing. According to the program administrator, more than 70 percent of the homeowners who have gone through the mediation program have reached an agreement with the mortgage provider and were able to stay in their homes.

Florida had a similar mandatory mediation program that was enacted in 2009. The state ended its mandatory foreclosure mediation program in December 2011. The program required all residential foreclosure cases involving homestead property in Florida to undergo mediation, through an administrative order that was issued by the Florida Supreme Court. Upon a later Florida Supreme Court review, it was reported that the program was not having as much success as has been reported in Rhode Island. A panel review was started to determine whether the program should be continued, modified or eliminated. It was after that review that the Florida Supreme Court determined that the program should then be eliminated, and it ended at the end of 2011.

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