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Foreclosure Attorney David J. Stern Faces Disbarment

October 29, 2013 Posted by kingcade

Former foreclosure attorney David J. Stern may ultimately be disbarred for violations related to his role in the highly publicized “robo-signing” scandal. Stern is still a licensed lawyer in good standing with the Florida Bar. In April, two years after the scandal broke, the Bar filed an 80-page complaint that includes 17 counts that Stern violated the Bar’s rules of professional conduct. The Bar alleges that “Stern failed to properly supervise lawyers and non-lawyers at his firm and failed to halt regular violations of the Florida Bar rules.”

Stern earned the name the “foreclosure king” when his Plantation law firm rapidly expanded during the foreclosure crisis in 2006. He was a lead attorney for home mortgage provider Freddie Mac and several other big banks. Accusations were reported to the Florida Bar and local courts that the firm was filing false and inaccurate documents in those cases. Stern’s office was forced to close and thousands of employees were laid off.

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National Decrease in Foreclosure Sales Throughout 2011

April 20, 2012 Posted by kingcade

During the second quarter of 2011 there was an eight percent decrease in foreclosed home sales compared to the second quarter of 2010, according to RealtyTrac. The third quarter of 2011 experienced another slight decrease of two percent, which put the average home sales of foreclosed homes at 20 percent nationwide, and 19 percent in Florida. This percentage is still extremely high in comparison to the less than five percent before the recession. The decreased number of sales can be attributed to the unraveling of the robo-signing scandal, which first surfaced in early 2010.

Surprisingly, Florida ranked seventh in the third quarter of 2011 with 19.2 percent of foreclosure home sales. Nevada ranked number one, with an average of 75 percent of home sales being foreclosed homes. The second and third ranked states, California and Arizona, averaged just over 40 percent. Many believe that Florida’s lower percentage is due to the fact lenders are often choosing to conduct pre-foreclosure sales (short sales) to avoid dealing with maintenance of properties throughout the foreclosure process.

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