Renter’s Rights Violated by Foreclosed Property Owners

Many renters, particularly in the Miami-Dade area are under an increasing amount of pressure due to foreclosures placed on the property they are renting.   A recent federal law passed by President Obama, called Help Families Save Their Homes Act states that following the date of foreclosure, the renter has 90 days before vacating, if they are renting month-to-month, or until the end of their lease.  However, many landlords are taking matters into their own hands and are disregarding the law, evicting tenants before the end of their lease.
A large part of the problem is lack of knowledge on the part of the owner and the tenant.  New owners are taking advantage of the fact that lawmakers are not enforcing these laws.  A lot of my clients are unaware that only an order by a judge can force them out of their home before their lease ends.   In July of 2009, the Affordable Housing Task Force created a packet for individuals in the Miami-Dade area explaining their rights as a tenant and their landlord’s rights as a property owner. The packet is complete with scenarios and different routes you can take in addressing this legally if you have been violated of your rights.
If you have any questions on this topic or are facing foreclosure, please feel free to contact Bankruptcy and Foreclosure attorney, Timothy Kingcade at (305) 285-9100. He has helped many facing foreclosure alleviate their stress by letting them stay in their homes for at least another year, allowing them to re-organize their lives.   You can also find useful consumer information on the Kingcade & Garcia, P.A. Web site at
– Timothy Kingcade
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