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President Obama Announces New Program to help ‘Underwater’ Homeowners Reduce their Monthly Mortgage Payments

The Obama administration recently unveiled a new government program aimed to provide assistance to ‘underwater’ homeowners who owe more than their properties are worth and help reduce their monthly mortgage payments. The goal of the program is to keep families in their homes and lower interest rates for responsible lenders. Those who qualify for the program will be eligible to refinance their mortgages at a new low rate, near 4 percent.

This plan is part of what the Obama administration calls the “We Can’t Wait” campaign. In order to be eligible for the program homeowner loans must be backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Final details will be published in mid-November 2011. The plan comes as an official revision to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), which began at the start of Obama’s term. It was initially designed to provide assistance to as many as 5 million homeowners; of which only 822,000 (one-tenth) have been helped by the program.

However, HARP had several barriers that resulted in its lack of success. These barriers included: limiting the program to lenders owing 25 percent more than the worth of their home, upfront fees, and banks concerns that they would be ultimately responsible in the case of a default. Officials backing Obama’s new program hope this will reallocate money and help stimulate economic growth and development.

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