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Minnesota Bankruptcy Case Leads to an Unforeseen Religious Dispute

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Nancy Dreher ordered the arrest of Attorney Naomi Isaacson in Minnesota after an on-going bankruptcy case lead to an unveiling of religious and racial slurs in court documents against Judge Dreher and other court officials.
Isaacson represented a subsidiary group in the bankruptcy case called the Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology. After failing to turn over mandatory court documents and making accusations of bigotry and conspiracy in a memo concerning the court officials, Judge Dreher placed Isaacson under arrest. She also ordered that she and another attorney involved each pay $5,000 in penalties and attend legal ethics classes.
Judge Dreher, who claims no particular religious faith was repeatedly named “Nancy Dreher, the Catholic Judge,” in the memo. “It is referring to a mentality and an adherence to a universal creed of White Supremacy,” Judge Dreher stated, after reviewing the memo.
Judge Dreher has turned the matter over to Chief U.S. District Judge Michael Davis for further review.
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