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Bankruptcy Attorney Timothy S. Kingcade Quoted in the Miami New Times Discussing Sun-Sentinel Editor’s Financial Troubles

MIAMI – Bankruptcy Attorney Timothy S. Kingcade, Managing Partner of the Miami-based law firm of Kingcade & Garcia, P.A. ( was recently interviewed by reporter, Rich Abdill for an article that was published in the Miami New Times. In the article he discussed the controversy surrounding Sun-Sentinel editor, Howard Saltz’s financial troubles. Saltz was recently relieved of millions of dollars in debt after filing for bankruptcy protection earlier this year. In an email to the Miami New Times, Saltz claimed it was a “business bankruptcy, not a personal bankruptcy.”
“It was a personal bankruptcy,” Timothy S. Kingcade said after reviewing the documents. “The character of the debt does not change the fact that it’s a personal bankruptcy.”
Later Kingcade went on to say that by filing for bankruptcy separately from his wife, Saltz was likely trying to stall a foreclosure or other settlement. “We call those types of cases ‘Ping-Pong’ cases. The creditors are being ping-ponged between the spouses,” Kingcade said. This is a method many have chosen during the recession as a last ditch effort to stay in their homes.
Saltz began purchasing real estate in the late 1990’s. Much of his debt came from unpaid mortgages, totaling more than $2.5 million. Saltz was also deep in credit card debt. He had a $17,000 credit-card bill due to Discover, a $52,000 credit-card bill due to Bank of America, a $60,000 credit-card bill due to Chase, an unpaid medical bill and other unpaid bills such as utilities.
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