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Bankruptcy is an Option to Help You, Not Hurt You

For many Americans, the thought of filing bankruptcy is a very scary thing. So scary in fact, that many of them miss out on the positive changes and financial freedom filing for bankruptcy protection can bring. The first thing that happens when a person files for bankruptcy is an automatic stay will go into effect for all of their bills, which forbids creditors from harassing debtors.
Perhaps the most common worry among Americans when it comes to filing bankruptcy is the long-term effects it will have on their credit score. Many believe it is impossible to ever have a decent credit score, again. This could not be further from the truth. Almost immediately after a person is discharged of their debt, there are many steps available to rebuild their credit score. The person filing for bankruptcy is most likely delinquent on bills and already their credit score has suffered. Filing for bankruptcy protection can actually be the easiest way to improve an already troubled credit score.
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