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When Should I File my Tax Return if I plan to File Bankruptcy and Anticipate a Tax Refund?

Oftentimes, bankruptcy filers worry that if they file their taxes before their bankruptcy petition, they will be forced to forfeit their tax refund to the bankruptcy court or creditors. According to bankruptcy laws, debtors must be current on all tax filing obligations to federal and state taxing authorities in order to file for bankruptcy. This rule applies to income taxes, personal property taxes, real property taxes and all other forms of taxes. The best course of action for potential bankruptcy filers is to file their taxes as far in advance of the bankruptcy filing as possible. As long as you obtain your tax refund and spend it on household expenses, car or home repairs, medical expenses, etc. prior to filing for bankruptcy, the court cannot require you to forfeit the refund. This is true regardless of the amount you receive in your refund.

In the event that your refund is due after bankruptcy has been filed, your refund is subject to state or federal exemption limits. If the debtor elects to use federal exemption amounts or the state’s exemption schedules, the refund may be retained by the debtor and is outside the grasp of the bankruptcy court and creditors. It might also be within partial or total reach of creditors if exemptions are exhausted by the debtor’s other claimed property. The most common occurrence is one where the debtor would retain part of the refund and part of it would go to the creditors because the exemption amount is exceeded by the size of the refund. Again, the best thing to do is file your tax return as quickly as possible to avoid losing any of it. A debtor can also apply part or all of the refund to next year’s tax liability to avoid losing it to creditors.

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