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Five Things Never to Put on a Credit Card

Credit cards offer great benefits with cash back rewards and travel points; however, you have to be careful to pay balances off in full to avoid becoming trapped in a cycle of debt. Of all the things that can be financed with a credit card, here are the five worst:

1.) College Tuition: Many adults today can trace their debts back to their college years, when they did not fully grasp the concept of credit cards and interest rates. Rather than using credit cards for college tuition and expenses, consider low-interest student loans, scholarships and grants.
2.) Taxes: When faced with a large tax debt from the IRS, do not just automatically pay it off with a credit card with a high interest rate. First, work out a payment plan with the IRS. Interest accrued will be far less than any standard credit card’s interest rate.
3.) A Big Wedding: Plan a wedding within your financial means. Avoid financing the occasion with credit cards. Marriage is hard enough and should not be compounded with a mountain of debt.
4.) Vacations: Vacations are meant to be just that- a break from our everyday lives and reduce stress. Returning home and finding in the mailbox a mountain of debt you accrued on your trip can leave a dark cloud over your ‘vacation.’ In preparation for your trip, contribute to a vacation fund every month for one year. This will allow you to finance your trip accordingly and live within your means.
5.) Medical Bills: Insurmountable medical debt is one of the leading causes for filing bankruptcy. Work a payment plan out directly with the medical provider, hospital or doctor’s office. Oftentimes these plans have little or no interest/fees attached to them, unlike a credit card. Consider all of your options before simply pulling out your credit card.

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