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Rapper Releases Hit Song About Paying Back Student Loans

New Orleans-based rapper, David Augustine Jr., or Dee-1, went viral with his hit song “Sallie Mae Back,” an ode to the struggle of paying back student loan debt. Augustine, a former middle school math teacher, landed a record deal in 2013 with RCA Inspiration and has since paid off his student loan debt in full.

The teacher-turned-rapper attended Louisiana State University and although he was awarded scholarships, they only covered about half of his tuition, room and board. He took out student loans to cover the rest of his education costs.

After landing his record deal and receiving an advance on his album, Augustine said it was obvious how he should spend the money. “I was like, how should I spend this? Most rappers buy a new car; they go ball out; they take a vacation; they go buy new jewelry, with this advance, I wanted to break the stereotypes of how people normally spend them – and get out of debt,” Augustine said.

After knowing the financial stresses that come with student loan debt, Augustine turned his relatable experience into his song’s subject. He released a video for the song “Sallie Mae Back,” on February 11th that has since gone viral and turned into an anthem for recent grads struggling to pay back their student loan debt. The video has been viewed more than five million times on social media.

The songs lyrics tell the story that millions of college students can relate to:

“Needed tuition

Needed room and board

Had to pay for books so I took out loans to feed the boy

Graduated wasn’t making quite enough to pay em back

Went in default messed my credit up

Check my Equifax

I ain’t proud of that

I’m more proud that I drown in that

I got two jobs really got on my grind

No time to whine I can’t ride the pine

In the game right now my time to shine

Started paying them loans back one at a time

Got them down down down

Down down down down down till I paid them all off”

Augustine has also been following the topic of student loans along the presidential campaign trail. He said, “It is ear candy to my generation to hear ‘let’s make college free.’ That’s easy.”

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