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Four Ways President Trump Could Affect Your Student Loans

President-elect Donald Trump has plans to address student debt and college affordability, but many of the details remain unclear.  Trump and the Republican Party did not emphasize higher education in their campaign platforms and any changes to the current federal student loan system would require congressional backing.

Here’s what we may be able to expect:

  1. Income-driven repayment changes are likely. According to Trump’s proposed student loan program, he would cap repayment at 12.5% of a borrower’s income. He did not indicate whether this repayment cap would apply to all federal loan borrowers or only for those who apply for income-driven repayment, as is the current standard.
  2. Private Banks may begin issuing federal student loans. Trump wants to restore a system where private banks issue federal student loans as opposed to the government.  This was a process that occurred up until 2010, when the federal government revamped the program and began originating all federal student loans through its Direct Loan program.  The Obama administration cited billions of dollars in cost savings as a result of the switch, and used the savings to offer more Pell Grants for low-income students.
  3. Students’ prospective earnings could dictate their ‘loan worthiness.’ Trump wants to let colleges have a say in lending decisions and make them share the risk of student borrowing with lenders.  It would be up to colleges and banks to decide together which students could take out student loans.
  4. College costs could be reduced by limiting the ‘administrative bloat.’ Trump said in an October speech that he would take steps to cut tuition costs.  In that same speech he said he planned to reduce the tremendous ‘bloat’ in college administration.  By reducing the unnecessary costs of compliance with federal regulations, colleges would be able to pass the savings along to their students.

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