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1 in 3 Shoppers Still Paying Off Last Year’s Holiday Debt

Going into the 2021 holiday season, an estimated 29% of shoppers that used credit cards for purchases are still struggling to pay off holiday debt from last year.

Following a record amount of credit card debt payment from Americans in 2020, card balances have already risen again by around $17 billion in 2021. With holiday spending expected to reach a maximum height this year due to product shortages, it will be especially difficult for shoppers to keep up with holiday debt.

With a large amount of debt comes bigger issues, such as a lowered credit score and greater difficulty obtaining financing in the future.

Holiday shopping can be equal parts exciting and stressful. Here are some smart shopping tips to remember this holiday season:

1.) Create a realistic and affordable budget. Decide on an amount you are willing to spend per person and do not exceed it.

2.) Shop with cash and use a ledger. This will keep you in touch with your spending; you could even spend up to 20 percent less.

3.) Avoid impulse buying and last-minute shopping.

4.) Pay off any holiday debt as soon as possible, so you do not accrue additional interest. This is especially important with store credit cards.

5.) Think outside the box. Consider gift alternatives like a breakfast, lunch or just a day together. Handmade gifts are also cost effective.

6.) In the New Year, start saving the amount you spent this year on holiday gifts and open a separate account for next year’s holiday expenditures.

7.) Comparative shop and take advantage of Christmas discounts immediately after the season. This is the best time to purchase gifts for the following year.

We hope these tips will help you this holiday season and help plan financially for the New Year.

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