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State and Federal Agencies Teaming Up to Combat Illegal Debt Collection

Debt collection is a profitable business in the U.S., but not all debt collectors follow legitimate, legal collection practices. According to officials from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)most consumer complaints made annually involve illegal debt collection practices, which is why they have made recent efforts to crack down on these types of tactics. 

In response, the FTC has launched a multi-agency campaign called “Operation Corrupt Collector.” This crackdown campaign focuses on educating consumers on how to identify illegal debt-collection practices, as well as enforcement against debt collectors who are found to be breaking the law.  

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Lawyer’s Response to His Client’s Facebook Inquiries Result in Suspension

A Nebraska lawyer’s lackadaisical responses to his client’s inquiries on the social networking site, Facebook have resulted in him being suspended for 90 days.  The Nebraska Supreme Court approved the suspension in an April 27 opinion, which includes a one-year probationary period of monitoring in a conditional admission to the allegations.

The lawyer, Dustin Garrison, was accused of failing to adequately answer his client’s questions and explain the status of his client’s personal injury case against a driver who was in a car registered to a Texas corporation.

According to the ethics charges against Garrison, he responded to his client’s Facebook inquiries with statements such as:

  • Relax.
  • I will take care of it.
  • I will explain later.
  • We are fine.
  • Be happy. We are in the driver’s seat.
  • I’m busy right now.
  • U realize we sued the wrong company right? We got the money from a company that had it. The correct company would never have had this type of money to pay our judgment.
  • This is complicated.
  • We’ve been busting our asses getting ready for this hearing.
  • I can’t explain the whole process.

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