More Seniors Struggling with Student Loan Debt

January 17, 2018 Posted by kingcade

More than 5 million people began paying off federal student loan debt between October 1, 2013 and September 30, 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Education.  And not all of them were young people.

The number of borrowers over the age of 60 with student loan debt has quadrupled over the past decade in the United States.  Of the more than 5 million people, 580,671 of them — or 11.5 percent — defaulted on their loans. This is a slight increase from the previous year’s 11.3 percent and the first time the percentage has increased in the last five years.

Many have accumulated the debt helping their children or grandchildren, either by borrowing directly or co-signing on student loans.  As these borrowers age, it becomes more difficult to afford the monthly payments while also paying for necessary food, housing, prescriptions, and medical expenses.

Seniors living month-to-month on fixed incomes are most likely to default.  When this happens to borrowers 65 and older, a portion of their social security benefits can be seized by the government.  Many seniors who are carrying federal student loan debt are eligible for income-based repayment plans, but student loan servicing companies have not made it easy for borrowers to enroll in these programs or even let them know it is an option.

For Florida seniors who are struggling with student loan debt, relief options are available. Many student loan borrowers are unaware that they have rights and repayment options available to them, such as postponement of loan payments, reduction of payments or even a complete discharge of the debt. It is important you contact an experienced Miami bankruptcy attorney who can advise you of all your options. As an experienced CPA as well as a proven bankruptcy lawyer, Timothy Kingcade knows how to help clients take full advantage of the bankruptcy laws to protect their assets and get successful results. Since 1996 Kingcade Garcia McMaken has been helping people from all walks of life build a better tomorrow. Our attorneys help thousands of people every year take advantage of their rights under bankruptcy protection to restart, rebuild and recover. The day you hire our firm, we will contact your creditors to stop the harassment. You can also find useful consumer information on the Kingcade Garcia McMaken website at

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