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Bankruptcy Filers Targeted by Scammers

Bankruptcy Filers Beware: Telephone Scam Soliciting Wire Transfers 

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) is warning its members to remain in contact with current and past clients regarding “scammers” posing as bankruptcy attorneys.  The elaborate scam targets people who have filed for bankruptcy and those who are just starting the process.  The scammers use software that “spoofs” the caller ID system to appear that it is coming from the phone line of a consumer bankruptcy attorney.

Victims of the scam are being instructed to wire funds to satisfy a debt, supposedly outside of the bankruptcy proceeding.  Some consumers have even been threatened with arrest if they do not wire the money.   These calls come in after business hours, making it hard for consumers to verify their authenticity.  In addition, to make themselves sound even more legitimate, these scammers are pulling consumers’ personal information from public records.

NACBA has been in contact with the courts and media regarding this complex scam.  Warnings have been issued by the Office of the Attorney General in New Hampshire and by Virginia Eastern District bankruptcy clerk William C. Redden.   However, despite these warnings, incidents continue to be reported- one coming from a client of ours last week!

It is important for consumers to know that under no circumstances would a bankruptcy attorney or staff member ask a client for an immediate wire transfer to satisfy a debt nor would they threaten arrest if the debt is not paid.

Members of the NACBA Legislative Committee will soon approach the Department of Justice to not only request a more thorough investigation into how consumer information is being compromised but also recommend steps that can be taken to further protect the identity of those going through the bankruptcy process.

You can click here to learn more about the consumer bulletin sent out by NACBA.

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