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Life After Bankruptcy

You have filed for bankruptcy and are looking forward to a fresh start. However, your credit rating has taken a substantial hit. The bankruptcy is likely to stay on your credit report for ten years, therefore, for a period of time it may be difficult to get a loan or credit card. However, you can take these steps after your debts are discharged to take advantage of your fresh start.

Start an Emergency Fund

If you filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you have likely had most of your debts discharged. This means that your salary is yours to spend and you will most likely be living on cash rather than credit. It is imperative that you build an emergency fund with your extra cash.

Rebuilding your Credit

In order to restore your financial life, you have to rebuild your credit. You can begin establishing good credit immediately after your debts have been discharged. However, it may take some time to build up your credit score. If you own your home, paying your mortgage on time is a good place to start. Mortgage lenders report to the credit bureaus.

Adopt a Positive Attitude

Experts agree that attitude and persistence make a huge difference in your life after bankruptcy. For example, if you start a savings account, carry no debts and have an emergency fund, you are telling yourself that you can take control of your finances.

First New Credit Card

Once you have established good spending and financial habits, you can apply for a secured card as soon as six months after your debts are discharged. Secured cards allow you to put money in an account and the credit card company will give you a credit limit of that same amount. You pay the bill as you normally would and then get the deposit back when you close the account or switch to an unsecured version.

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