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Top Debt Mistakes to Avoid

From credit cards to car loans, there are many ways to get in over your head with debt.  Here are some common debt mistakes to avoid.

  1. Credit card debt. Avoid this at all costs- if you can.  Most of these cards come with high interest rates, so any remaining debt at the end of the month increases daily.  Make sure you are only using credit cards on items you can (and will) pay off each month.
  2. Amassing bad debt. Borrowing money should be something you do as an investment in your future.  Student loan debt and a mortgage loan are examples.  In contrast, “bad debt” is money you borrow for purchases that decrease in value.
  3. Paying late. Constant late payments or missing payments can cost you penalties and lower your credit score. If you struggle to remember your payments, take advantage of automatic payments.
  4. Paying only the minimum. Making minimum payments on your credit card is tempting, but it will ultimately cost you more money due to the loan debt interest rate.
  5. Not budgeting. The only way to get out of debt is to stop living beyond your means, and the only way to stop living beyond your means is to stick to a strict budget.
  6. Ignoring your lender.  Lenders want their money, and they want you to be able to pay it- even if that means settling for less. Do not ignore their calls.  If you cannot afford to pay, tell them.  Never promise to pay or give your bank account information if you cannot afford to pay.  Chances are, a simple conversation will lead to a solution, whether that is a lower interest rate or a simple payment plan.

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