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Generation X Carries Most Debt Out of All Generations

Debt presents a problem for many Americans today, but one generation clearly stands out among the rest in terms of holding the most consumer debt. In fact, according to a recent study published by LightStream Survey conducted by the Harris Poll, nearly 80 percent of all members in the Generation X, ranging from ages 36 to 51, have some level of debt. The report showed that eight in ten members in this age category carry debt.

Coming in just below this were members of the Millennial generation, consumers between the ages of 20 and 35. Approximately 75 percent of all members in this age group carried debt. The next group was the Baby Boomer generation, which includes individuals between the ages of 52 and 70, with 69 percent of them carrying some type of debt.

While all three of these generations carry debt, it is the mindset of those in the Gen X category that presents the most cause for concern. Those surveyed in Gen X reported that they felt it was impossible to pay off a significant debt once it was incurred. Additionally, 25 percent of those in this demographic reported that they were not confident in how they were handling their finances. However, in the survey data, these individuals did state that they would be willing to give up hobbies or extracurricular activities to get rid of their debt payments, which does show some promise.

On average, individuals in Generation X carry $30,334 in “non-mortgage debt.” In comparison, Baby Boomers hold $27,513 and Millennials hold $22,784 in non-mortgage debt.

Getting out of debt can also be problematic for individuals in this generation, as well. Those who are younger may be able to use their savings or cash in their investments to reduce their debt, but it may be too difficult for Gen X members to dip into their retirement savings to pay off debt.

If you are struggling with insurmountable debt, dipping into retirement savings is never advisable.  These are protected in bankruptcy along with the following bankruptcy exemptions in Florida. Many individuals are already struggling to pay for obligations, including helping aging parents as well as adult children. While they are not quite at the age of retirement, they are approaching that point, making it too close for comfort to use retirement savings.

Continuing to struggle with debt is a slower, less effective way to pay it off.  Many different debt relief options exist, including debt consolidation, debt settlement or negotiation and bankruptcy – but it is important that as a consumer you research your options carefully.

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