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How to Improve Your Credit After Bankruptcy

The decision to file for bankruptcy is a tough one to make, but it is often the first step in gaining control of your financial future. A common concern people have when filing for bankruptcy is the effect it will leave on their credit score and their ability to access credit, again. While bankruptcy does affect your credit score, it is sometimes the last resort to rebuild your credit and your life.

In fact, it is oftentimes easier to reestablish your credit after filing for bankruptcy, because you are essentially given a “fresh start.”  Here are some quick tips to help rebuild your credit after filing for bankruptcy.

  1. Pay Your Bills on Time. Take full advantage of your financial fresh start. Make consistent and timely payments on all of your bills and any remaining debts moving forward, like your mortgage and car payment. These consistent payments over time will help improve your credit score and re-establish your credit.
  2. Monitor your Credit Report. Make sure and check your reports every few months for errors. Confirm that any negative marks (i.e. – your discharged debts) have been removed.
  3. Use a Secured Credit Card. With a secured credit card, you deposit with the lender an amount equal or nearly equal to the maximum credit line on the card. Unlike with a debit card, your payment history for a secured card is reported to the credit reporting agencies.
  4. Budget. Create a realistic budget for yourself. Review your finances several times per week to ensure you are sticking to your budget.
  5. Set up Auto-pay. Set up automatic payments for your cable, Internet and phone bills, so you do not miss your payment due date. Again, watch your finances closely so that you know when money will be coming out of your account.

There are proven ways to rebuild your credit score after bankruptcy, and our clients are proof!

My credit score said on all three reports 775, I couldn’t believe that I had such a great score before 10 years. Tim for me was the best move I have made for my situation. I have no regrets; I am glad the past is the past. – Bill T.

Hi Tim- I just wanted to send a quick note and thank you and your team for handling my bankruptcy case.  It is only a month or two after discharge, and my credit scores are already in the upper 600’s. – C.S.

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