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The Budgeting Mistake That Could Be Keeping You in a Cycle of Debt

Creating a budget can be a challenge but sticking to one can be even harder. For someone who has less than perfect credit, the creation of an affordable monthly budget is crucial.

Consumers who have subprime credit scores, meaning their scores range between 580 and 669 on the FICO scoring model, often struggle with being able to handle a budget that not only meets their needs but actively works towards paying down debt.

The high interest that comes with many of these debts, makes paying off the debt extremely difficult. According to the CFPB’s Consumer Credit Card Market Report, borrowers who have a higher-risk profile or subprime credit score received interest rates on their credit cards that were nine percent higher than borrowers with better credit scores.

Subprime borrowers also struggle to apply for loans with decent interest rates for other consumer purchases, specifically car purchases. According to data from Experian, subprime borrowers will normally end up with car loans with interest rates of 11.92 percent for new cars and 17.74 percent for used cars. Borrowers who are considered deep subprime borrowers ended up with loans at 14.39 percent for new cars and 20.45 percent for used cars. In comparison, borrowers with better interest rates ended up with loans at 4.68 percent for new cars and 6.04 percent for used cars. The likelihood of borrowers with better credit scores paying off their car loans is significantly higher with such lower interest rates.

However, not all hope is lost for borrowers with subprime credit. Many subprime borrowers find success in focusing on the debt with the highest interest rate first or the debt with the lowest balance by focusing any extra money in his or her budget towards that one debt. Once the first debt is paid off, then select another to conquer and so on until all debts are paid in full. This method can take time, but it can be successful for subprime borrowers looking to get out of debt.

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