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How Student Loan Borrowers Will Benefit from the Stimulus Bill

The recently passed $2.2 trillion stimulus bill provides several different forms of financial assistance for American consumers during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. The new bill also provides options for student loan borrowers who are struggling to keep up on their loan payments, which comes as good news for the over 44 million borrowers holding more than $1.5 trillion in outstanding student loan debt.

Borrowers who have federally owned student loans will not have to pay on their loans through at least September 30, including Parent PLUS Loans. This payment suspension will occur automatically and does not need to be requested by the borrower.

Coronavirus, COVID-19, Debt Collection, Debt Relief

Debt Collectors Argue They are ‘Essential’ to Consumer Financial Health During COVID-19 Shutdown

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit American consumers hard, putting many of them temporarily out of work. Relief efforts have been made on a state-by-state basis to assist consumers.

New York residents have been given a 30-day freeze period from state-owned medical debt and student loan debt collections. Another similar announcement came from the mayor of Chicago with respect to city debt through April 30, 2020.  The Department of Education has suspended collections on federal student loans, and they are encouraging private student lenders to do the same.