Beware of these Holiday Debt Traps

December 22, 2017 Posted by kingcade

The holidays are officially here and if you have some last minute shopping to do this weekend, make sure and avoid these common holiday debt traps.  Last year shoppers took on an average of $1,003 worth of debt, up from $986 in 2015.  The merriment and excitement of holiday shopping can be replaced with anxiety and fear of debt in the New Year.

Keeping up with the Joneses. The pressure to purchase the latest and greatest holiday gifts ranging from expensive electronics to brand new cars all contribute to holiday debt.   From the tree, to elaborate light displays and decorations, if not limited to a budget can all leave you with debt in the New Year.

Hot holiday toy crazes. On average, parents plan to spend $495 per child, according holiday shopping data from Rubicon Project.  When the ‘must-have’ toy items start to run out, prices increase.  Plan accordingly, and budget throughout the year for holiday spending.

Store credit cards. Avoid store credit cards at all costs.  The 10% off the day of purchase can have big consequences if a single payment is missed on one of these cards, such as 29.99 percent APR.

Holiday parties. Hosting hordes of holiday visitors and entertaining guests can cost hundreds of dollars, not only adding to your grocery bill, but your utilities in the month of December.

Indulgent spending. The problem is that many consumers do not plan for holiday spending. Sometimes, they mentally plan to go into debt.  We advise planning ahead for the next season, start checking items off the list in February or in the summer months when fewer people are buying and prices are lower.

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